Applied Cyber Strategy Group 

We are trusted advisors who represent organizations as security audit authorities and information security practitioners. Our experts help top-level executives make decisions using a risk-based approach to security management, information assurance and asset protection strategies with real world global experience, expertise & accountability. Headquartered in Washington, DC ACSG represents clients in various industries globally. We support our clients in the least amount of time with the highest levels of integrity and expertise. We practically design a corporate security strategy and Implement cyber solutions to manage cyber security risks that support our client’s business strategies or position them for targeted growth.

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Our Process

 We Understand that automated systems can easily produce vulnerability reports to apply a tech fix, but it takes an experienced cyber security expert to pinpoint vulnerabilities and develop solutions completely aligned with the organization’s growth strategy.


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Our conversation is secure.  Whether it be via telephone, web meeting or face to face we take measures to ensure your concerns and sensitive information discussed during the consultation are secure.

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Implementation of your unique solution is our priority. 


Our 1 Hour consultation will provide clear, personalized, solution-focused answers that can be applied to your unique situation. 

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A Unique 

Get sound advice for your specific situation from a globally experienced and certified cyber security team of experts.

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Our Quality Guarantee

Rest assured knowing your matter will be discussed with an industry recognized global cyber security expert with extensive experience and relevant expertise.

We have been building security solutions for nearly 20 years; from the dot com Internet boom of the late 90s through the recent financial crisis and current persistent cyber-attacks. We’re on the pulse of modern technology and security. We continuously monitor their evolution to inform our own practical approaches—all to provide exceptional client solutions.
The true value of our services is the dedicated team of experts that direct clients through each step of implementing customized cyber security. We develop security strategy, conduct audit readiness reviews, create documentation, provide security training and a range of additional compliance services to meet business goals and strategically target specific customers.


Our leadership and subject matter experts have developed an international reputation as trusted advisors in the ever-expanding world of cybersecurity encompassing information privacy, security risk management, critical infrastructure protection and industrial security program development. 


As CEO of Applied Cyber Strategy Group, Ms. Harris-Walker operates in a first-tier advisory capacity to corporations, governments, financial institutions and defense agencies. Leveraging a unique combination of experience exceeding 20 years in security engineering, digital forensics, international cybercrime analysis, policy, government and international business our team produces results in cyber risk reduction and revenue expansion.  As a veteran CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), Registered CMMC Practitioner and CPP (Certified Protection Professional) she is recommended as the “go to strategist to resolve complex B2B cyber security matters swiftly with professional discretion” from leading international forensic investigations to defending a client’s security posture to close the deal.


We provide you with a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement that protects the information discussed during our consultation. Our conversation is secure.  Whether it be via telephone, web meeting or face to face we take measures to ensure your concerns and sensitive information discussed during the consultation are secure.

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