About Us

We are trusted advisors who represent organizations as security audit authorities and information security practitioners. Our experts help top-level executives make decisions using a risk-based approach to security management, information assurance and asset protection strategies with real world global experience, expertise & accountability.
Headquartered in Washington, DC ACSG represents clients in various industries globally. We support our clients in the least amount of time with the highest levels of integrity and expertise.

Strategic Value

Our team of experienced cyber security experts, privacy lawyers, data scientists and business analysts add business value. We study current operations and customize a security focused cyber strategy aligned with goals for growth and competitive advantage.
We have been building security solutions for nearly 20 years; from the dot com Internet boom of the late 90s through the recent financial crisis and current persistent cyber-attacks. We’re on the pulse of modern technology and security. We continuously monitor their evolution to inform our own practical approaches—all to provide exceptional client solutions.
The true value of our services is the dedicated team of experts that direct clients through each step of implementing customized cyber security. We develop security strategy, conduct audit readiness reviews, create documentation, provide security training and a range of additional compliance services to meet business goals and strategically target specific customers.

Our Services


Cyber Security Risk Management Strategy


FISMA Compliance


Security Audit

Download this 20-minute Podcast:

Cyber Risk Questionnaires: Your guide to providing
precise responses that add business value.

Responding to elaborate Cyber Security Risk questionnaires from customers can be complicated. This podcast walks you through it. From the reviewer standpoint I help you decipher the questions, so you can answer honestly and adequately. The customer wants to ensure that you are protecting their critical information. The goal is to understand why? Is it for industry or regulatory compliance? Is it an investor requirement or are they prepping for an IPO?


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