Does your organization need cyber security advice or direction?

When making cyber security decisions you need a trusted advisor. Prudent leaders don’t make decisions from online research alone which yields very generalized and overwhelming results.  Get sound advice for your specific situation from a globally experienced and certified cyber security expert. The many facets of cyber security can be complicated and confusing.  We translate cyber concepts in language our clients understand for solutions that can be applied practically.

Avoid costly mistakes, regulatory compliance fines and being determined “unsuitable” or disqualified from business opportunities.

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Rest assured knowing your matter will be discussed with an industry recognized global cyber security expert with extensive experience and relevant expertise.

Robin Harris –Walker has developed an international reputation as a trusted advisor in the ever-expanding world of cybersecurity encompassing information privacy, security risk management, critical infrastructure protection and industrial security program development.  As CEO of Applied Cyber Strategy Group, Ms. Harris-Walker operates in a first-tier advisory capacity to corporations, governments, financial institutions and defense agencies. Leveraging a unique combination of experience exceeding 20 years in security engineering, digital forensics, international cybercrime analysis, policy, government and international business she is an esteemed advisor producing results in cyber risk reduction and revenue expansion.

As a veteran CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and CPP (Certified Protection Professional) she is recommended as the “go to strategist to resolve complex B2B cyber security matters swiftly with professional discretion” from leading international forensic investigations to defending a client’s security posture to close the deal.


We provide you with a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement that protects the information discussed during our consultation. Our conversation is secure.  Whether it be via telephone, web meeting or face to face we take measures to ensure your concerns and sensitive information discussed during the consultation are secure.


Our 1 Hour consultation will provide clear, personalized, solution-focused answers that can be applied to your unique situation.  After acting on the advice you may want to inquire further and seek additional advice. So, we include an additional 30-minute follow up consultation at no additional cost. This consultation may be in support of the initial consultation or a new matter within your organization.

Schedule and Pay for your 1-hour consultation now.  A scheduling representative will contact you within 15 minutes to confirm your requested appointment time with a cyber security expert in person, via secure web meeting or secure phone call.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We’re Worth It!   Others may use free resources or “google” a topic relating to your questions resulting in a general response. Often when people provide free consultations their goal is inform using free, publicly available, readily retrievable information that you could have found yourself at no cost.   As is the case with most information if you have never heard certain facts the person presenting it appears to be extremely knowledgeable.  Also, the answers provided during free consultations are often derived from canned solutions sold by the company offering the free consultation (Marketing 201…).  They have effectively mastered the selling points and content of their product or service then simply pass that information on to you during FREE consultation.

ACSG is a fixer of cyber security relation issues and we do not sell products or typical standard solutions.  We listen, analyze and provide you with answers directly related to the unique situation you present based on over 20 years’ experience.  Our goal is to equip you with expert quality information and the direction necessary to make informed decisions and to ultimately implement an applied cyber solution.  Your consultation includes access to the ACSG team of cyber security experts, data scientists, lawyers, legislative professionals and consultants skilled in your area of inquiry or concern.

For companies who have tried both, the free consultation first of course, they ultimately invest in an expert consultation later after determining the free service unsuitable.

YES.  You may use the additional 30 minutes included during the initial consultation.  That option will be offered nearing the end of the initial consultation so no need to worry about keeping time.

YES. It’s quite common.  We understand and can help clients with the quick turnaround required by their customers to accurately complete questionnaires on time.

YES. You may call 1-202-741-5700 8:00 AM -8:00 PM Eastern Time or chat with us online 24 Hours/Day to get scheduled. Free email addresses prohibit valid identity verification.  Therefore, corporate email accounts are required for electronic submission through our website.

YES we can but we won’t.  ACSG has forensics experts and ethical hackers that can work magic on systems.  However, ACSG ethically provides services to corporations, government agencies and organizations with verified identities to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information.  Further, we do not provide services to individuals.